Online Workshop Reflections and some History

Well the workshop is over. Long live the workshop!!!

The online workshop on Introduction to Advanced Digital Control ran for four days. Each day was 3.5 hours long.

I found it was hard work to keep the flow and pace consistent and probably didn’t put enough breaks in the program.

That said it was a great success from the feedback and we’ll probably do it again relatively soon. One of the people who missed out on it asked if we could run it at the start of April.

As I described in the workshop the material came into being from what we did when we put a digital power electronics control development back on track. It was a classic fix-up job.

At the end of the fix-up the R and D manager asked what the team didn’t know that required the fix-up. And this is the list and the workshop material covers this material exactly.

  • Measure the frequency response using a self measurement
  • Remove non-linearity by linearising
  • Re-measure the frequency response
  • Extend the precision of the PWM or variable frequency modulator.
  • Re-measure the frequency response
  • Remove all the all sum integrators
  • Re-measure the frequency response
  • Design the compensator using the digital blocks from the cookbook and
  • Check the robustness to small signals to ensure good control

And that’s it – four days of 3.5 hours each in 8 bullet points.

We will run it again.

Do you want to come along?