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In your power electronics company how can you get the answers
to your complex power electronics problems?

Looking for electronic design consulting?

Lots of power development teams have young enthusiastic people and limited older more experienced people. This lack of experience in the industry highlights the benefits that can be gained from power electronics consulting. Power electronics is a growing and lucrative industry. Experienced people in power electronics, digital control of power electronics and high voltage power electronics are in limited supply. The problem with the older more experienced guys is that they have high salaries and are sometimes set in their ways. This means there are a limited number of old heads and they often need to deal with the reactive product support issues. For help with all of your power electronic needs, talk to one of the skilled electrical design consultants at EPMG.

Good advice

Getting good experienced expert advice backed up by detailed knowledge, analysis and training can be problematic.  Often the help is a simple short piece of advice.  At other times a detail presents some complications.  Your team may need a capability boost by training, education or upskilling. The effect of using digital control in power electronics requires new development processes and a road map for the future is a great help for many digital power company.  Foresight from a different perspective can be enough to provide direction.  Best advice is to couple this with an extreme detail focus and deep knowledge of the detail of power converters.

There are lots of things that come with inexperience.  These include mistakes and errors along with missed schedules, stressed managers, blown budgets and product compliance misses.  Eventually a power converter development company can only stand so many product misses.

Process help

ELMG digital power and power electronics consulting service allows you to have access to the expertise from twenty five years of digital power electronics expertise and experience when you need it and at a controlled cost.  Specialised skills in digital control, power converter thermal management.


When we started twenty five years ago, working on digitally controlled power was a choice that allowed access to a large number of different technical areas.  This variety of work is the great joy of digital power electronics.

There is

  • Electrical engineering such as connector and conductor size.
  • Electronics with PCB layout and EMC.
  • Safety with electrical clearances and plastic material flame ratings.
  • Insulation coordination for high voltage power electronics
  • Production issues around design for test and design for manufacture and reflow soldering.


Then there are

  • Control and loop stability issues.
  • Gate drive issues.
  • Thermal issues as power electronics can get hot but shouldn’t.
The digital issues are new for some people. These included

  • Software or FPGA firmware for digital control
  • Communication links and their suitability.
  • Safety critical systems and
  • Digital loop stability

ELMG consulting service allows you to have access to the expertise from this twenty five years of direct digital power and high voltage power electronics experience when you need it and with controlled cost.

How to get help

ELMG consulting is often comes together with training.  Our Eco System approach means that we provide know how as part of any service.  Our How to do Compliance service and our digital power electronics training course are often bundled with consulting services.

As much or as little as you need.

Budget control is all important in business.  Experienced experts can require a high investment.  ELMG consulting is available on an hourly basis.  If you want an hour of time to talk together about problem then purchase an hour of time by credit card. Need a small piece of analysis of the thermal performance of a converter done then buy the amount of time you estimate the problem will take.  We’ll do that much work and the report on the results.  It is that simple – if there is more time needed purchase more hours.

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