About Us

ELMG Mission

To provide technology, know-how and products for our customers to control, manipulate and measure electrical power.

We aim to design and build the best digital controlled power electronic systems.
By doing that we believe we will change the world.
And we’d like to help you by doing this.


We aspire to have our customers be the leaders in the digital power control area.

For the past twenty five years we have been working on digitally controlled power converters in motor drives, industrial switch mode power supplies, reactive power compensation, medium voltage system, power quality systems, motor starters, appliances and telecom switch-mode power supplies.

Over the years we have all worked to realise that together we at ELMG stand for safety and sustainability.  We emphasize quality and are always improving.

Our Eco System approach of design, development, know how sharing through training and partnerships are our signature.  We put all this together seamlessly for you into our Eco System of solutions, training, support and long term partnership.  We are working to make digital power seamless.

We want to be the best digital controlled power electronics design company in the world.

The ELMG Way – The Eco System, Six, five, three.

The ELMG Way to solutions is to take a whole of system view.  We use an Eco systems based on our six five three system.

Six Technical Foundations

The six technical foundation blocks of the ELMG Way are

  1. Digital Power control
  2. Power Converters
  3. Communication Links
  4. Compliance
  5. Outsourcing and
  6. Consulting.

The cornerstone of the technical eco system foundation is the Digital Power control.  This is the platform on which we build flexible control of Power Converters.  The communication links allow the Power Converters to be used together creating the power of a network or the internet of things.  The Compliance allows market access so that the product is able to be legitimately sold around the world.  Outsource pillar is for you when you need to have the product made and want us to design, test, get compliance or manufacture then we can make this happen.  The Consulting foundation gives you access to all our know how in doing and building the other five foundations.

Five Operational Pillars

On top of this we put the five operational pillars.

  1. Accuracy – we are accurate in our engineering
  2. Timeliness – we deliver when we say we will.
  3. Capability – we are able in the areas we work and take personal responsibility for being capable.
  4. Continuous Learning – in order to achieve accuracy, timeliness and capability we are continuously learning.
  5. Transparency – we are transparent by doing. That is we provide access to information.

Three Commitments

We make these three commitments to complete the structure of the Eco system.

  1. Openness – we always listen carefully.
  2. Directness – we are clear in what we say and mean what we say.
  3. Respectful – we are open and accepting.

A seamless approach

The foundation, pillars and commitments form the basis of who ELMG are.

Based on the Six, Five, Three we provide services, products and technology to allow the measurement and control of electrical power using digital systems.