Digital Power Design Service

Digital control of power provides flexibility in control that allows you to do incredible things such as increasing the efficiency, reconfiguring the function of the system or reducing the repeat cost of the controller to almost zero as the software or firmware can be replicated repeatedly. Read More.

Power Electronic Communications Links

When comparing communications links these days, most people see only the throughput: “My Gigabit Ethernet is faster than your 100Mbps”; “4G is faster than 3G”.  However, in power electronic comms links, throughput is often at the bottom of the list. Read More.

FPGA Architecture

ELMG use a partition approach to product development. This hierarchical top down approach divides the system into manageable blocks. Each block can be designed, coded and verified independently. Read More.

FPGA Design Optimisation

ELMG review service ensure quality design, implementation and verification of FPGA design. This wrap around service ensures Design review, Quality deliverables, Verification coverage, Functional validation and Confidence. Read More.

Mechanical Design

ELMG Digital Power mechanical design services include Thermal design for power converter heatsinking, Enclosure design, PCBA Mechanical design, Design for vibration withstand and Design for shock. Read More.


We manufacture power electronics control systems. We are specialist in managing short run manufacture and testing of assemblies including PCBAs, Communication links and Complete power converters. Read More.

Signal Integrity

In the transmission of high speed signals transmission line effects need to be taken into consideration and quantified. ELMG Digital Power high speed transmission systems use LVDS signalling to connect across PCBAs and through cables. Read More.