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APEC Presentation Slide Correction for b1 Coefficient

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

At APEC this year we presented High Performance Digital Control of Power Electronics.  We then made the slides available and repeated the presentation as two webinars.

Click here to download the slides if you do not have them already


Thanks to some good attention by a person who worked through the controller example,  we have noticed an error in one of the coefficients on the slide as shown below.

The correct value for the b1 coefficient is 0.00625.

Thanks to the helpful person who found this.

APEC Presentation slide correction for b1 coefficient

APEC Presentation slide correction for b1 coefficient






APEC Professional Education Seminar Well Received

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

APEC 2016 at Long Beach, California

In March Dr Hamish Laird presented the High Performance Digital Control professional education seminar at this year’s Applied Power Electronics Conference in Long Beach California. Attendance at the seminar was high, with more than four hundred people coming to hear Dr. Laird speak. The large number of attendees asking questions at the end of the presentation showed how much demand there is for this type of knowledge and training.


The response to the presentation was very positive with a number of people asking if Dr. Laird could write a book containing information from the seminar.

Hamish Laird’s Reaction

Dr. Hamish Laird says, “As the power electronics design industry moves to digital control there is a great need to ensure that the quality of the digital control is high enough to ensure safe and reliable power supply operation. We at ELMG Digital Power hope to contribute to the constant improvement in the quality of the control”.

The ELMG Digital Power Chief Technology Officer also announced that “…as a result of the really large interest we are making the slides from the presentation available to download via our website. And we are working up a plan to present the three hour seminar content as a multipart webinar”.


Digital Modulators Explained

The first part of the APEC seminar covered how digital modulators such as Variable Period Oscillators (VPO) and Pulse Width Modulators PWM) differ from analogue modulators while the second part covered the other issues and know how to do with compensators, analogue to digital converters and anti-aliasing filters.

Dr. Laird again – “From the number of questions we received after the presentation it looks like digital control is well on the way to becoming established in the smaller switchmode power space. We look forward to helping achieve high quality digital control.”

Download the slides from the APEC presentation slides here.