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EMC training

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Keith Armstrong

Keith Armstrong is coming to New Zealand and Australia to give EMC and safety training.

Is EMC for Digital Control different?

EMC is one of the things that needs to be taken care of in power electronics.  Switching can be noisy and can create fast changing electric fields.  Power converters can have currents with high rates of change that create large magnetic fields.

EMC  presents a further design challenge for digital power.  The presence of sample and hold circuits in analogue to digital converters means that switching occurring during sampling can have large and unexpected effects on the control.  As a result digital control needs excellent EMC management.

The basics of EMC are obvious but the subtleties, details of what to do and that “how much is good enough” feel can take time to learn.  Training from experts can speed that learning and give good cost effective outcomes.

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About Keith

Keith Armstrong is a well known author and expert in cost-effective EMC and safety management and design. He is a practicing EMC/Compliance engineer and Chairman of IEE/IET Working Group on EMC and Functional Safety. Keith is an articulate and lively presenter and received excellent reviews after his previous visits to New Zealand and Australia. He has an international reputation as an EMC engineer who is constantly seeking to improve EMC practices to save time and cost and improve competitiveness.

He is presenting EMC and Safety courses in Australia and New Zealand.  Course information and dates are available by clicking here.

About the courses

The great thing about the courses are that they are very practically focused and provide just enough theory.  Keith has great rules of thumb and design guides along with some great reference guides.  I know and like Keith and he teaches well. I have done his courses previously.

At ELMG Digital Power we use Keith’s courses as the basis for training for EMC.

The courses are a good investment for young and not so young engineers.

If you are not in New Zealand or Australia then please do not worry that you cannot attend.  Keith is based in the United Kingdon and runs similar courses worldwide.

Let us know if you need any further information by clicking here and we will put you in touch directly with Keith.

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The training details are available here.