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Free Webinar – Digital Control of Power Electronics using Zynq

Friday, January 31st, 2020

If you have just sat down at your desk with a coffee, then put that aside for a minute and grab your diary. Review your schedule for Tuesday 4th February and consider this stellar opportunity: on that day ELMG Digital Power will be hosting a FREE webinar on Digital Control of Power Electronics using Zynq.

That’s right, from the comfort of your own desk you can join ELMG Digital Power (Members of the Xilinx Alliance Program) for their Zynq Digital Power Webinar and expand your knowledge and expertise by discovering:

* What is important in digital power, including numeric precision and latency
* Why you would use a FPGA for digital power and why the Zynq SoC in particular
* Key issues in digital controllers in programmable logic, such as the serial-parallel trade-off, fixed or floating point,      choosing sample rates and what precision to use
* Building blocks for digital control with ELMG’s licensable IP cores
* Using the ARM cores in the Zynq to your full advantage.

This webinar will be hosted and presented by Dr. Hamish Laird, ELMG Digital Power’s CTO and a Principal FPGA and Power Electronics Engineer. Hamish has considerable experience the design and implementation of varied digital control systems and IP for power electronics on FPGA platforms.

The webinar on Digital Control of Power Electronics using Zynq, which includes a short Q&A session, will be held on Tuesday 4th Pacific Standard Time at 10am and is available globally.

Spaces are limited.  

See you at the webinar.

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