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Xilinx Training

Monday, November 14th, 2022

ELMG Digital Power is an AMD-Xilinx Partner. As part of this we keep up to date with Xilinx parts, tools and technology with training. Consequently ELMG can provide the best digital control solutions for digital power electronics.

AMD Xilinx Training keeps ELMG Digital Power your best partner for control of power electronics.

We started digital control of power electronics with Xilinx in 1997 so as a result ELMG Digital Power’s long history with Xilinx means that we have exceptional experience and expertise.

ELMG Digital Power for Digital Power Electronics Control expertise.

Softcore processing in FPGA

Friday, November 11th, 2022

Softcore processing in FPGA is a great option to get sequential processing in a RTL design.

Adam Taylor ran a workshop on how to use Xilinx MicroBlaze in FPGAs.

If you are interested in FPGA control for Power Electronics then a soft core is really useful.

Adam is great at Xilinx FPGA and we’d recommend his training to anyone wanting to learn about MicroBlaze on FPGA.

Click the link to view the recording.

Mastering MicroBlaze with Adam Taylor

Enjoy the training.