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Touchscreen Driver TMG120

August 31, 2015 by Tim King

Touch Screen Dash We acquired a shiny Avnet Display Kit for use with our Microzed board.  Our first project on this kit was a basic dash display demo, which ran Xilinx Linux on a Zynq 7Z010 SoC with the aid of some Xylon graphics IP.  However we hit a speed bump in our progress.  Our […]

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Demonstration of a simple car dash on 7z010 Zynq SoC

August 29, 2015 by Hamish Laird

This demonstration of a simple car dash on 7z010 Zynq SoC from Xilinx implements an touch screen automotive car dash cluster with speedometer and rev counter.   The hardware target is the Avnet MicroZed which is mounted on a carrier board.  The LCD is a seven inch touch display.   We put this together using the […]

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