Feedback from the Camarillo Course Digital Control of Power Electronics

Course survey feedback

We did a survey of what people thought of the course and here are a few  responses

“Had very high expectations of this course. Hamish delivered. Excellent for power engineers who are starting digital power. Thanks for putting this on…I only regret it is a 3 day course. I could sit here for 3 more days”

“This course was full of critical material not found in the app notes.  Very enjoyable and well taught.”

“Good course. Hamish knows his material. I’d like more examples, but I’ll be able to apply this coursework to my work.”

“Course provided extremely good overview of critical components and organization needed for digital control.  Definitely met my objectives from the course.  Thanks.  Suggestion to take some of the key components like linearization, precision extension and AA (anti-aliasing) filter and build labs around them would be a win.”

Plans for the course

We plan to add labs for the key components so that the learning is reinforced.

We do plan to keep the course technology vendor neutral and are working through how to do that.