AMD-XILINX Technical Recertification

ELMG Digital Power CTO Dr. Hamish Laird has completed ELMG Digital Power AMD Xilinx Alliance partner technical recertification. AMD-Xilinx Partner technical recertification for ELMG Digital Power’s ongoing membership in the AMD-Xilinx partner program. Congratulations to Dr. Laird on the achievement.

The three-way commitment to capability building, continuous learning, and keeping up-to-date with Xilinx technology is an investment that enables our customers’ success. Using Xilinx-AMD FPGA and SoCs with ELMG Digital Power’s FPGA RTL library is a truly cutting-edge solution for digitally controlled power electronic systems.

This re-certification covered the PCI express system on the Versal ACAP.

ELMG Digital Power AMD Xilinx Alliance partner technical recertification

As Dr. Laird says “This Versal ACAP is an extended SoC device that is powerful to the point of being daunting. Having a PCIe subsystem on the Versal chip is truly impressive. Initially, I was suspicious of the suitability of the super powerful ACAP as a device for power control but I can now see how this device is suitable for almost every application we could ever consider.”

ELMG Digital Power Amd Xilinx Alliance partner technical recertification
Certificate of achievement Xilinx-AMD Xilinx Alliance Program

About the ELMG Digital Power FPGA RTL Power Control Component Library

This power control component library is designed for use with Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Register-Transfer Level (RTL) designs. This includes grid-connected embedded power generation and storage, high-performance computing, telecommunications power, traction, and industrial automation and control. ELMG Digital Power’s high-performance digital power controllers make use of the FPGA RTL components. This allows robust, reliable, and reusable power electronics control systems. The component library use with Xilinx AMD parts is the main reason for ELMG Digital Power AMD Xilinx Alliance partner technical recertification

About Xilinx

Xilinx is now part of AMD. AMD now has the industry’s broadest product portfolio and a highly complementary set of technologies, reaching customers in a diverse set of markets. Together, AMD and Xilinx leverage the right engine for the right workload to address the compute needs for our customers.

About ELMG Digital Power

ELMG Digital Power’s Mission is to provide technology, know-how, and products for our customers to control, manipulate and measure electrical power. We aim to design and build the best digital controlled power electronic systems and by doing that we believe we can together change the world for the better.