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High Performance Digital Control For Power Electronics

ELMG Digital Power CTO, Dr Hamish Laird has been selected to present a Professional Education Seminar at APEC in Long Beach, California March 20th to 24th, 2016.

The Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) is one of the best power electronics conferences in the world.  It is attended by power electronics engineers wanting to stay in touch with leading academic research, industry know how and the latest vendor solutions.  APEC focusses strongly on the applied part of its title.  Fitting with this the ELMG Digital Power APEC 2016 Professional Education Seminar provides know how that can be directly applied.

Dr Laird’s Professional Education Seminar, titled High Performance Digital Control for Power Electronics, is aimed at intermediate level power engineers.  The seminar surveys and details required techniques to successfully implement high performance digital control for power electronic converters.

Digital controller components

In turn each component of the digital power electronics controller are covered including

  • digital (PWM and VPO) modulators
  • compensator pole zero placement
  • compensator numeric precision issues
  • single sample noise through to
  • anti-aliasing filter design

Digital Modulators

Digital pulse width modulators (PWM) and digital variable period oscillators (VPO) have different non-linear frequency response characteristics from equivalent analogue systems. The effect of these differences on the control is discussed and spectral-shaping design methods to improve performance of the digital modulators are presented.

Compensator pole positions

The design of the compensator by directly placing the digital poles and zeros is then covered. By translating the pole and zero positions directly into digital filter coefficients for the digital compensator the translation of analogue coefficients to digital is avoided. A method that requires no coding or simulation for determining numeric precision issues in the digital compensator coefficients is then presented. As most systems require integrators the most suitable forms of digital integrators are discussed.

Numeric Precision

The precision issues specific to digital integrators and methods to reduce these are presented in detail. Finally managing single sample errors, which have no analogue equivalent, and the choice of anti-aliasing filters is detailed.

About APEC


APEC 2016 continues the long-standing tradition of addressing issues of immediate and long-term interest to the practicing power electronics engineer. Outstanding technical content is provided at one of the lowest registration costs of any IEEE conference. The conference will be held at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, March 20-24, 2016. APEC 2016 will provide:

  • The best power electronics exposition.
  • Professional development courses taught by world-class experts.
  • Presentations of peer-reviewed technical papers covering a wide range of topics.
  • Time to network and enjoy the company of fellow power electronics professionals in a beautiful setting.

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See you at APEC 2016.