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What do you think the biggest issue is when diving into digital control?

Saturday, February 25th, 2017

What do you think the biggest issue is when diving into digital control

This from D.P. -Lately to me it seems the biggest issue is maintaining a sustaining capability to the company where it is introduced. It requires at least one person that is decent at digital control design and then a team people that can implement. One person that can translate simulation to code, one person that can do state machines, one person that can do communications, etc. Lay on top of that maintenance and so on, it becomes a decent chunk of work.

Also digital technology changes so fast these days it can sometimes be difficult to keep up so you can take advantage of the advancements in processing capability and test capability. Many companies seem to fall behind because they don’t want to abandon their code base.

And this from J.F. – My take on this, as a former digital design engineer that now manages a power design group, is that it takes a very different mind-set to switch from analog power design to the SW/FW coding effort that it takes to implement the digital control algorithm. Since this discipline and way of thinking is foreign, it can be a major hurdle depending on the length of time the individual has been performing power design. Some of my folks are having an easier time to make this transition than others, but all are struggling to come up the learning curve.

These answers and more in the Linkedin discussion group.

Free Webinar December 22 Digital Power Electronics Control

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Thursday December 22 at 11am California time (2pm Eastern) ELMG Digital Power are offering you the opportunity to learn about the Digital Power Electronics Control.

Digital Power Electronics Control

Join ELMG Digital Power’s regular Digital Power Webinar and expand your knowledge and expertise by discovering:

  • What is important in digital power, including numeric precision and latency
  • How to design a compensator in the digital domain


The webinar will be hosted and presented by Dr. Hamish Laird.  Hamish is  ELMG Digital Power’s CTO.  He also presents and teaches the Digital Control of Power Electronics course. Hamish has twenty five years of experience the design and implementation of varied digital control systems and IP for power electronics.

Dr. Hamish Laird at the ELMG Camarillo Office

Dr. Hamish Laird presenting the August 2016 Training course


This exciting opportunity is free and includes a thirty minute Q&A session with Dr. Hamish.

The webinar is Thursday December 22 at 11am California time (2pm Eastern).


Tradeoffs in ADC feedback setpoint for digital control

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016
New post on our linkedin group

New post on our linkedin group

This new discussion in our the Digital Control LinkedIn group.

Tradeoffs in ADC feedback setpoint for digital control

Come join the discussion at and get the best views from the industry.

Great question.

ELMG Digital Power INC In California

Monday, November 14th, 2016

ELMG Digital Power Inc has long held the ambition of being the best digital controlled power electronics design company in the world.

And, to that end, we are pleased to announce that we are extending our operations to include a development and support site in Camarillo, California.

ELMG Digital Power has established this base in Camarillo, California to allow us to be well-positioned to support the increasing growth of digital power electronics control in California and across the country.  The team of engineering staff will be available to meet the needs of nationwide clients, who will also have access to all the available expertise and resources of ELMG Digital Power’s global team.

ELMG Digital Pwoer Control Platform Technology enables real time logging and visualization of waveforms from around the world or across the lab via the ethernet.

ELMG Digital Power Control Platform Technology enables real time logging and visualization of waveforms from around the world or across the lab via the ethernet.

ELMG Digital Power is committed to the provision of support, technology, know-how and products that will enable our clients to be respected authorities and do great thing in the area of digital power control.

Our clients can certainly have confidence in ELMG Digital Power’s expertise and experience as for the past twenty five years we have been working on digitally controlled power converters in motor drives, industrial switch mode power supplies, reactive power compensation, medium voltage system, power quality systems, motor starters, appliances and telecom switch-mode power supplies. ELMG Digital Power places a high value on innovation, safety and sustainability. Quality is one of our cornerstones, and even as we seek to streamline, update and improve, maintaining quality and reliability remains paramount.

ELMG Digital Power’s Eco System Approach of design, development, know-how sharing through training and partnerships is our principal methodology.  We are proud of our successful Eco System of solutions, training, support and long term partnership.

Digital Controller logging implementation

Digital Controller logging implementation

Some of the companies involved in the control and measurement of electric power we have worked closely with include (Click for testimonial or details)

Dr. Hamish Laird at the ELMG Camarillo Office

Dr. Hamish Laird teaching a class at the ELMG Camarillo Office

As well as providing world-leading FPGA based digital power electronics controller technology, ELMG Digital Power have developed products used in a variety of applications all around the world. These include

  • power transmission,
  • off-shore wind turbine DC Connection systems,
  • grid scale energy storage,
  • internal combustion engine management systems,
  • traction systems for ships,
  • communication links for power electronics
  • solar inverters
  • high voltage motor starters and
  • high voltage UPS to name just a few.

More detail on ELMG product development and systems, our key know-how and technologies can be found on our website here 

zynq webinar presentation slides

ELMG Digital Power is a Xilinx Alliance Program member providing world leading FPGA based digital power control platforms

We are excited and pleased about this new venture and look forward to discussing and supporting your digital power electronics design and technology needs from our new location at:
601E Daily Drive, Suite 112,
Camarillo, CA 93010
Phone: +1 805 764 2027
For more information contact ELMG Digital Power INC in California:

Louise Jennings

Earthquake New Zealand

Monday, November 14th, 2016

All ELMG Digital Power People are safe

There has been an earthquake 100 miles or 160 km north of our base in Christchurch.

All our ELMG Digital Power people and our families are safe and well.

There is no damage at ELMG Digital Power in Christchurch and we are working as usual.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are near the epecenter of the quake.

Thanks to all who have sent messages of concern and support.  We are unharmed, well and working.

Please get in contact to catch up.



Jan 30 to Feb 2 Introduction to Advanced Digital Control of Power Electronics, Camarillo California Register here

Advanced Digital Control Power Electronics Course

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

Digital Control Power Electronics course – January 30 to February 2

The next Advanced Digital Control of Power Electronics training course is running in

Camarillo, California

January 30 to February 2

Registrations open now – click here or on the button below

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Course outline is here.

Four days

The course has been expanded to four days and includes lab sessions each day to reinforce the learning on

  • Precision extension of Digital Modulators
  • Digital Loop closing
  • The effects of delay
  • Loop measurement using the control processor.

What people who have attended say about the course?

“Had very high expectations of this course. Hamish delivered. Excellent for power engineers who are starting digital power. Thanks for putting this on…I only regret it is a 3 day course. I could sit here for 3 more days”

“This course was full of critical material not found in the app notes.  Very enjoyable and well taught.”

“Good course. Hamish knows his material. I’ll be able to apply this coursework to my work.”


“I would highly recommend the ELMG digital control course to all power electronics engineers.  What makes this course particularly valuable is in the practical approach and relevance to the control of power electronics.  The topic of digital control is a very broad subject and hence the specific challenges and applicable tools are very different depending on the application details. Many digital control / DSP courses try to approach the topic from a very generic broad approach, treating all applications in the same way.  The classic approach involves starting from a conventional analog control model and then adding ADC and DAC blocks to change between the analog and digital domains with a digital controller replacing the traditional analog controller. The problem with this classic approach is that it is not a practical or applicable method for designing high bandwidth controllers for use for the control of power converters. The ELMG digital control course specifically focuses on the control of power electronics and hence the course only considers concepts and techniques that are applicable to the control of power electronics.  The course covers a wide range of digital control theory and introduces the power electronics engineer to all of the state of the art digital control concepts.  This course is a must for any power electronics engineer who is involved in the digital control of power converters.”

Michael Harrison – Director of Power Conversion, Enphase.

Register by clicking below

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