FPGA Design and Development

ELMG Digital Power Provide a full FPGA design and Development service.

From FPGA IP Development to ready made IP Cores for Purchase.  If required add custom hardware development and a power converter design.


3027399_origFPGA IP Development

This is our core service for creating bespoke FPGA IP.  It works with you getting us to create FPGA IP for you on a fee for service basis.

  • IP Core Development
  • Code Modules
  • Test Benches
  • Verification
  • Design of architecture
  • Design of complete systems

Add on services may include

  • Custom HW platforms for FPGA IP
  • Custom power converters for FPGA control
  • Digital converter control stability analysis and measurement
  • Converter control for stable and robust parallel connection of converters


IP Core Purchase

How this works is that you purchase licenses to use existing ELMG Digital Power IP core blocks.

  • Site or company license.
  • Mixed upfront and per unit shipped license fee.  Flexible approach to licensing.
  • Test Benches
  • Integration support
  • Ongoing maintenance support on subscription


9094832 FPGA Hardware

You purchase custom hardware development

  • ELMG hardware targets
  • Custom FPGA hardware design
  • Custom and semi-custom power converter hardware design
  • Parallel Connection of converters (up to 300)
  • Converter stability and control robustness



FPGA Product

You purchase custom hardware development

  • Complete turn-key product development.
  • Power converters
  • Converter stability and control robustness
  • Power Controller turn key product development
  • Product design including simulation with Plecs and HIL simulation of control using Simulink.
  • Launch to production
  • Production management
  • Short run production
  • Product support on subscription