Certification, Reliability and Compliance Testing

Electrical Safety  |  EMC  |  Vibration and Shock

HALT test on precision current source during development ensures tests for vibration withstand will be passed during compliance tests.


ELMG Digital Power design, develop and build globally compliant product.

  • EMC
  • Electrical Safety
  • Vibration
  • Shock and
  • Material

Requirements are all included at the design phase.
To verify that the equipment complies with the requirement a number of testing systems are used.

Reliability Testing – HALT and HASS

Highly accelerate life testing (HALT) is used early during the development to establish the vibration and thermal limits of the product.  This step ensures that later compliance tests and also measures and ensures reliability.Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) test production units robustness before they are put into the field.  The stress screen is designed to cause damage to the weaker units and allow the stronger units to pass.  

Electrical Safety


Electrical Safety Compliance on PCB using slots to increase creepage to the compliance distance tested by IEC/EN 60335.

Electrical safety is designed into products with PCB, wiring and busbar clearances and creepages to meet the required standards such as IEC/EN60335, IEC/EN61010 or EN50178 for the low voltage directive.  Other  safety requirements including UL, CSA and CC are also.  By using a combination of PCB slotting and conformal coating a robust and reliable solution is established.  This is tested in house and at contract test labs including HaltHass ConsultingIndependent Test Labs and UL New Zealand to ensure compliance and safety.Electrical safety testing includes creepage and clearance complaince by inspection or high potential (hi-pot) testing


Precision isolated current source EMC Compliance test result for radiated emissions

EMC Testing

EMC testing for switching power supplies and high speed digital systems is completed in house for pre-compliance conducted emissions .Compliance tests for radiated and conducted emissions and immunity are made at test laboratories for certified results.


ELMG Digital Power Precision Current Source during its two week duration vibration tested.

Vibration and Shock

Other certification testing includes vibration for maritime applications and transportation.  Vibration testing for maritime or aviation compliance requires long test duration.