For the past twenty five years we have been working on electronic product design for digitally controlled power converters in motor drives, industrial switch mode power supplies, reactive power compensation, medium voltage system, power quality systems, motor starters, appliances and telecom switch-mode power supplies.

 And in the past 15 years we have found that ELMG stands for safety.

 We are aiming to offer electronic design services which provide you with access to the best digital controlled power electronic systems available.

 By doing that we believe we will change the world. And we’d like to help you by doing this.

 If you are looking for help with your electronics product design, make the smart choice and contact ELMG today.

Digital Power

Are you looking to get a digital power control headstart.

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Power Converters

Get specialised power converters that are rugged, reliable and ready for use.

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PowerComms Links

Rugged communications links specifically for power electronics.


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Design for Compliance

Getting product compliant first time by design with the How to do Compliance Steps

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Getting digital and power help when you need it.

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How can you get the answers to your complex power electronics problems?

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Three Phase Space Vector PWM

The Core IP Block Digital advantage

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