Power Electronics Digital Control – Free Report on Three Key Issues

Three Key Issues

People often ask us what are the key advantages in Digital Control of Power Electronics that make it such a good solution to modern power converter control.

The advantages of Power Electronics Digital Control are

  • Flexibility
  • A common control platform technology across different converters
  • The repeat cost on code is zero
  • The digital controller can deal with the non-linearity and mode changes the power converter
  • Digital control allows control systems that are not possible with analogue including dead beat, recursive or model predictive control.
  • Increased efficiency through switching instant control.
  • Increased efficiency through converter topology change that brings new control challenges that are best met digitally.

With all these advantages digital control is a great choice for your next power converter development.

A microprocessor used in digital power control.

Digital Control of Power Electronics dominates the solar inverter and motor drives industries.

Murphy’s law

Those of you who are aware of Murphy’s or Sod’s law will know that there has to be some downside to power electronics digital control. ¬†As we have been working with digital control of power since 1992 we often get asked to help out with problems that people have in their digitally controlled power converters.

We see the same issues regularly and so have put together a report that covers the three most important issues to take care of in digital power electronic control development.

The report is available for download for free by clicking here.

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